The Best Immigration Law Firms in Canada, Boutique

The Best Immigration Law Firms in Canada, Boutique

Advocating for tomorrow’s Canadians

Canadian Lawyer recognizes the best immigration law firms in Canada, an array of boutiques having a remarkable impact on clients’ lives and making substantial contributions to the legal field.

From an esteemed pool of 47 nominees, the Top 10 Immigration Law Boutiques of 2024–25 were ranked and selected with invaluable input from CL’s readers. Their collective resounding vote of confidence underscores the exceptional expertise and high-quality legal services that earned them the prestigious award.

The leading immigration law firms exemplify the highest ideals of the profession as identified by legal experts consulted for this report:

Expertise and professionalism: Staying up-to-date with evolving jurisprudence, legislation, rules, regulations, and procedures, ensuring clients receive expert counsel despite the ever-changing field of immigration law. Acting with integrity in all dealings.

Collaboration and community engagement: Prioritizing sharing expertise and knowledge with the broader immigration community and the bar. Presenting and teaching continuing legal education programs at organizations such as the Canadian Immigration Lawyers Association (CILA).

Client service: Underpinned by promptly responding to clients’ questions. Effectively managing expectations through personalized communication.


Barbara Jo Caruso

“To succeed in immigration law, you need a supportive community. Collaboration and sharing are essential for navigating its complexities”

Barbara Jo CarusoCanadian Immigration Lawyers Association 


“In Canadian Lawyer’s announcement of who’s who and who is succeeding, there’ll be a common thread that those people haven’t gotten there on their own,” says Barbara Jo Caruso, CILA co-president and founding partner at Corporate Immigration Law Firm, a serial top immigration law boutique winner. “Regardless of where you’re practising immigration law, to succeed, immigration lawyers need a community to bounce ideas off of to keep abreast of all the changes.”

Waldman and Associates partner and founder Lorne Waldman echoes that sentiment, emphasizing the vital need for leading lawyers to develop expertise in their practice areas, some of which could see hundreds of cases decided yearly, such as in his firm’s enforcement and refugee law niche.

For emerging boutique immigration law firms, CILA’s communications and media vice president, Samuel Escobar, underscores the importance of seeking out knowledge because, for example, there are upward of 100 different pathways to permanent residency.

“For smaller and more focused firms, they’re not going to be generalized in their practice; they’re going to be more specialized and focused on expertise in specific aspects,” he says. “To be successful in immigration law, firms need to possess knowledge and fluidity.”

Strong leadership goes above and beyond at top immigration law firms

The best immigration law firms encompass boutiques of varying sizes across the country, including Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba. They are at the forefront of helping individuals, families, and businesses navigate the complex immigration process.

Survey respondents attested to this year’s winning firms as possessing the hallmarks of a top-tier immigration law boutique, noting these reasons for their vote of support:

  • “Deliver results and take up the most difficult immigration cases”


  • “Highly competent and ethical lawyers and staff who try to do the right thing every day”


  • “Provides practical advice based on morals, knowledge of the law, and client needs”


  • “Have been very good to deal with at every stage in our immigration journey”


  • “Doing amazing immigration advocacy work, where denomination and political affiliation is not part of why they make their decisions”


  • “Helps clients go through the whole process seamlessly and easily” 

The tireless efforts and passionate advocacy for clients’ rights and interests of these 10 legal titans have earned them accolades for:

  • Decades of significant contribution on issues arising in citizenship, immigration, refugee, and national security law (Barbara Jackman, senior lawyer and founder of Jackman & Associates)


  • Unique expertise in deportation and all visa appeals, medical, misrepresentation and other inadmissibility cases, and all Federal Court immigration and citizenship cases, including mandamus and citizenship revocation cases (Bellissimo Immigration Law Group PC)


  • Providing extensive expertise on immigration needs such as temporary and permanent residency, labour market needs for Canadian employers, study permits for international students, and facilitating the entry of skilled foreign workers (Zaifman Law)


  • Noted experts in helping corporate clients bring the talent they need to grow their businesses in Canada, and reunify families so they can settle and build new lives (Gomberg Dalfen S.E.N.C.)  


Canada’s immigration law community’s collegial spirit is fertile ground for developing legal leaders who can passionately advocate for their clients and broader legal issues.

“The top firms are those arguing the key cases in the courts, lobbying the government concerning the changes that we need in immigration legislation, and discussing the important issues in immigration law within the media by writing op-eds,” Waldman explains. “They’re the firms that engage with the important issues in our field and show leadership by pointing out problems and suggesting creative solutions.”

CILA’s Caruso highlights leaders who prioritize collaboration and mentorship as crucial along with their ability to manage client expectations.

“You need to go above and beyond, and our whole immigration bar is comprised of lawyers prepared to do that because a common thread is that we all care about the work and the people,” she adds.

Best immigration law firms respect regional differences

Although immigration falls under federal jurisdiction, provinces and territories have authority to select immigrants. This has led to numerous immigration programs nationwide, rendering it extremely difficult for any firm to be an expert in all jurisdictions. 

The winning firms possess unparalled in-depth knowledge of local immigration laws.

“Certain firms will have expertise in their jurisdiction, in their backyard, and it’s not an area where you want to dabble,” says Caruso. “I will refer matters out that are Quebec matters and might tap into my colleagues if I’m dealing with a matter unique to Alberta’s programs.”

Building upon this, Waldman highlights that he has observed regional differences in the practices of immigration officials and at tribunals.

He remarks that the variations exist due to provincial nominee programs and differing practices in selecting immigrants, impacting how tribunals interpret and apply the law.

“Like in every practice area, outstanding firms will provide excellent service and be at the top of the profession, constantly challenging the government in court, raising creative arguments, and taking cases to the Supreme Court,” he adds.

CILA’s Caruso hammers home how much the immigration law landscape has transformed in the last decade, particularly for corporations:

  • Immigration is unavoidable in the corporate context due to multiple factors, such as hiring, talent retention, and compliance issues.


  • Businesses face a complex compliance regime related to immigration, including securing work permits.


  • Sophisticated clients actively follow updates on immigration laws through social media and other channels.


All the experts agree that the best immigration law firms must develop expertise to serve their clients best, and that need has raised the bar for legal leaders to stay ahead of the curve.

“The immigration sector is multifaceted, with issues affecting Canadians such as family reunification and upholding international agreements, for example,” CILA’s Escobar says. 

Caruso adds, “That’s why organizations like CILA are critical to supporting immigration lawyers and meeting these challenging demands they face.”


  • Bellissimo Immigration Law Group PC
  • Corporate Immigration Law Firm
  • Galileo Partners Lawyers Inc.
  • Gomberg Dalfen S.E.N.C.
  • Green and Spiegel LLP
  • Jackman & Associates
  • Larlee Rosenberg, Barristers & Solicitors
  • McCrea Immigration Law
  • Sherritt Greene Immigration Law
  • Zaifman Law
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