Does Mike Ross Become A Real Lawyer (& How?)


  • Suits revolves around the relationship between Harvey and his mentee, Mike, who tricked his way into a law firm without going to law school.
  • Harvey sees himself in Mike and becomes his friend and protector, but even he couldn’t save Mike from the consequences of his lie.
  • Mike’s lie leads to him going to jail, but ultimately paves the way for him to become a real lawyer thanks to the help of Jessica’s confession.

The legal drama Suits begins with Mike Ross tricking his way into a law firm, but as Mike didn’t go to law school, the question remained if he would become a real lawyer. Suits followed the lives of the supposed best closers in New York City as they navigated the corporate law while also dealing with their personal woes. At its core, however, Suits was about the relationship between Harvey Spector and his mentee, Mike, with the events of the show starting after the pair coincidentally crossed paths. Despite Mike not going to law school, Harvey was compelled to hire Mike as his associate after being impressed with his legal knowledge.

As a team, Harvey and Mike were formidable because they complemented each other. Harvey was armed with real-life experience while Mike was essentially a genius, which made for a great combination. The pair got along from the beginning, with Harvey seeing his younger version of himself in Mike with their relationship developed from just being co-workers to good friends. So Harvey protected Mike in every way he could. In the end, however, New York’s best closer couldn’t save him from the consequences of Mike’s lie. Thankfully, after they were caught, Mike was given the chance to become a real lawyer.


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Suits is a wonderful legal drama with strong character arcs, incredibly well-defined relationships, and a constant momentum that makes the show great.

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Mike Ross Eventually Becomes A Lawyer After Doing Time In Jail

Interestingly, Mike getting caught in his lie paved the way for him to get his law license in Suits. Despite a gallant effort from all of his co-workers and allies at the firm, Mike was arrested and forced to spend time in jail. Harvey scrambled not just to keep him safe inside, but also to get him out as fast as possible. Once Mike got out, his experience motivated him to make up for his mistake. However, when the chance to become an actual lawyer popped up, he couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to take it.

Mike was already well-equipped with both the knowledge and experience of a legitimate attorney. Sorting through the papers was only so he could practice. Despite operating in good faith and proving that he is capable, Anita Gibbs was adamant in preventing him from becoming a lawyer. It wasn’t until Jessica Pearson returned in the Suits season 6 finale that changed her mind. The former Pearson Hardman partner expertly appealed to Gibbs’ compassionate side and successfully convinced her that Mike would be an upstanding lawyer despite his past.


Why Patrick J. Adams’ Mike Left Suits After Season 7

Patrick J. Adams played Mike Ross in USA Network’s Suits for seven seasons. Unfortunately, the character left the show after the season 7 finale.

Jessica Sacrifices Herself To Help Mike Become A Real Lawyer

Jessica Confessed Her Own Role In Mike’s Deception

Jessica looks sternly in Suits

Jessica’s heroic return in Suits season 6 was not only a great surprise for the finale but also a necessity for allowing Mike to move forward. Gibbs was set on getting Mike to throw people in his law firm under the bus when she asked if anyone else knew that he was a fraud. At that point, almost every single main player in the company was aware of it. Before Mike could answer, however, Jessica came in and admitted that she knew about him. Her confession to save Mike could result in her being disbarred in New York, but since she already relocated to Chicago, she could still continue practicing law.

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